Playing using Etherscan

This guide will help you to interact with Very Nifty in case you can't directly access the website.

From the VeryNifty Gallery, access the VNFT contract from the bottom of the page.

Click on VNFT contract to get redirected to etherscan. Once you're on the Etherscan contract page you'll first need to connect your Ethereum wallet.

Connecting Etherscan to your Metamask Wallet

Then navigate to the "Contract" tab.

Click on "Write Contract" and then click on "Connect web3"

Choose any of the options you will like to connect with. For this example, I will be using Metamask.Click on Metamask to connect your wallet to the etherscan contract page.

When your wallet is successfully connected, it will show like the picture above. It’s Feeding and Mining Time Now

Feeding you vNFT

To feed your VNFT after your wallet has been successfully connected, scroll down to number 5 on the list which is to Buy Accessory.

NOTE: The wallet connected should be the one that has your VNFTs

  1. Click on buyAccessory

  2. Input your VNFT ID, e.g. 1330

  3. Choose the Item ID you want to feed your VNFT with.

    • Choose 1 for the 5muse gem, 3 TOD and 100 points

    • Choose 2 for the 6muse gem, 2 TOD and 190 points

    • Choose 3 for the 3muse gem, 4 TOD and 1 point

    • Choose 4 for the 13muse gem, 1 TOD and 444 points

    • Choose 5 for the 12muse gem, 7 TOD and 1 point

  4. Click on write and approve the transaction from your metamask wallet pop up.

Mining Muse

To claim your muse, scroll down to number 9 on the list.

  1. Click on claimMiningRewards

  2. Input the ID of the VNFT that reward is to be claimed for, e.g. 1330

  3. Click on write and approve the transaction

Thanks to @GodX_XSpeeD on Telegram for the awesome tutorial.

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