Getting started

Here are the basics to get started with veryNifty game.

Ethereum wallet

You need to have an Ethereum wallet and some ether for gas fee to claim your vNFT. We recommend to use Metamask or Trust Wallet.

VeryNifty Key

To claim your vNFT, the team sends you a key link.

The link is unique and private. The free vNFT is only claimable once.

Claim your vNFT

Connect your Ethereum wallet and click on the key link sent to you to claim your vNFT. You will be redirected to the VeryNifty website. Click on the button "Claim" and "confirm" the transaction to get your vNFT.

You can check your transaction on etherscan or just wait until is success.

Welcome to the VeryNifty game! Your vNFT is now live in the Museum gallery.

Let's play

Your vNFT will die and leave the museum gallery if you don't buy gems with $MUSE at least once in the first 72 hours.

To get your first $MUSE click on the "Click to Approve 1st" button and confirm to approve the contract and wait for the transaction to be success.

Click "Mine 6.0000$muse" to start mining and get your first $MUSE.

You can mine $MUSE every 24 hours

The amount of $MUSE tokens you get per mine will vary based on your position in the leaderboard. To raise in the leaderboard you need to play a strategic game of buying gems and holding $MUSE.

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