Smart contract error codes

Here are the possible error codes while interacting with VNFTx smart contract:
1 - This addon is locked
2 - Contract paused
3- You must own the vNFT to use this feature
4-Pet already has this addon
5- Pet already has this addon
6 - Addon not available
7- own the addon to use it
8 - Raise your HP to use this addon
9 - Pet doesn't have this addon
A - Can't atack yourself
B- Can't attack yourself
C- You need battles addon
D- can't challenge
E- This pet was attacked 10 times already
F - You can't attack this pet
G- You need cashback addon
H-Raise your hp to claim cashback
I - You can't claim cahsback yet
J - Lived at least 14 days for cashback
Last modified 3yr ago